Friday, May 13, 2011

VisuMap v3.5 Relased.

Today we have released VisuMap version 3.5.864. This version is a major upgrade from its previous version 3.2; it is marked by the following major changes:
  • Multi-core optimization: we have implemented extensive optimization for most algorithms to exploit multi-core computer system. By default, VisuMap 3.5 will automatically make use of all available CPU cores with multi-threading technology. The user can also explicitly limit the number of processing unit through the application configuration property WorkThreads. On our 6-core Windows 7 test machine we have often achieved 3-5 times performance speedup.

  • Updated DirectX Library: VisuMap used DirectX+MDX (managed directX) to implement hardware accelerated visualization service. Since MDX has been discontinued as a component in new generations of .NET platform, we have to switch to another product. In VisuMap v3.5 we have replaced MDX by SlimDX that is an open source library with similar goal as MDX. With this change, we not only significantly improved the rendering performance, but also reduced the dependency on old obsoleted software components. VisuMap can now be installed on most Windows 7 machines without pre-installing any other software. Some older systems may need to upgrade to the latest DirectX runtime library through the normal DirectX web installer.
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements: Based on customer feedback VisuMap has undergone many small changes. Most of them have already made available through previous minor releases. Worth mentioning is here the extension of the XY plot that made this simple service a generic tool for large datasets; as well as addition of new glyphsets and utility scripts. We have recently also released some VisuMap plugins which extend VisuMap for special user groups. For instance, the plugin for Multivariate Analysis and Wave Transformations. Also, the Customer Importer plugin has been extended to import FCS (Flow Cytometry Standard) files.

VisuMap v3.5 is backwards compatible with its previous versions. All existing datasets will silently upgraded to the new version when loaded into VisuMap. Existing users can upgrade to the new version, as long as the license type allows it, by simply clicking on the menu Help>Check for Updates in VisuMap's main window.