Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VisuMap 2.5 Released.

Today we have released VisuMap version 2.5. This version has undergone major extensions and changes in scripting & pluging interfaces in order to accommodate more advanced plugin applications (e. g. the upcoming VisFinance plugin for finance service).

In this release we have not changed the formats of data files nor the configuration file, but plugins and scripts developed for version 2.4 or older might need to be upgraded to the new interface.

This release also includes many bug fixes, enhancements in user interfaces and performance. For instance, double-mouse-clicking has now been consistently linked to the task to switch the mode of a window. In the main window, double-clicking the main map now switches the main map between editing and shifting mode, instead of starting the RPM mapping algorithm as in the previous version.

In general, data drilling features (i.e. PCA, Data Details and Diagram view) now work in a more consistent and integrated way. For instance, you can now create a new dataset for selected data in almost all views with few mouse clicks.

Also, we have a new price list for our products and services.


Unknown said...

Hi James,

I'm looking for a data visualization software, which will help me with personal use of data analysis. I've gone through software(Visumap) you guys provide but considering it is not meant for personal use & is way too costly for an individual to purchase. Can you recommend or point me towards something which is fresh & free to use?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

James Li said...

The start-up version of VisuMap is about $128 dollars. Its academic license costs only 1/3 of the normal price. I don't know what software features you are looking for, and I am not aware of any software with similar features as VisuMap. But you might look into
site that has some links to other sites with free software.