Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Transformation between rectangle and torus

I have found today a nice video clip from YouTube that visualizes the transformation between rectangle and torus surface. Torus surface is the base information space used by relational perspective map (RPM). This is main characteristics of RPM that distinguish RPM from other conventional mapping methods which use open Euclidean space as image space.

There is also good clips showing the construction of Klein-Bottle. But I could not find a good clip for the construction of real projective space. In order to visualize projective space and other more complex 2/3-D manifolds we probably need to partition the objects in some intuitive way.


âşık meyhâni said...

Hi, I couldnt see the link below, would you please give the link address as text?

James Li said...

The animation video is an embedded flash file defined as an embedded object in the HTML file. You can view the definition of the embedded object by opening the source window of the page, but you can not view the video by copy-and-pasting the definition it to your browser's address field.