Thursday, August 2, 2012

New VisuMap Release: More fun with scripting

We have just released VisuMap version 3.5.882. Worth mentioning in this release are two enhancements to the scripting interface. The first enhancement is the auto-complete editing. We have added script analyzer to the editor so that it will automatically suggest class members with documentation when it notices that user is about to add code to access class methods or properties. The following shows a screen short of the auto-complete editing:

The second enhancement to the scripting interface is the so-called property spinor: within an editor window the user can now double click a property value to link the property to the mouse wheel. When the mouse-wheel is linked to a particular value in a script and when the user spins the mouse wheel, the property spinor will automatically change the linked value and execute the whole script. With this feature VisuMap provides a very generic control mechanism to probe different settings, so that user can see immediately the consequence of changed settings.

The following is short video to demonstrate the usage of property spinor:

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